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Here's how to convert Youtube video to mp3 in 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: pick a video on Youtube to convert to mp3, copy its URL address and paste it into the white box above
  • STEP 2: click download button, wait for big button of Youtube to mp3 converter to show, click it to continue
  • STEP 3: mp3 download will begin when conversion is over, for Youtube mp4 video download press smaller button
  • Online video converter by Convert2mp3

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    Convert Youtube to mp3

    Download Youtube videos to mp3 format using Convert2mp3. It is easy and useful Youtube mp3 converter, with many options and download opportunities.

    Download Youtube to mp4

    Convert Youtube videos to mp4 format and download video file to your device easy and quick. Pick size, quality option and download Youtube mp4.

    Instagram mp3 converter

    Download Instagram videos here in mp4 format. Convert Instagram videos to mp3 and download audio from many awesome short videos in good quality.

    Convert Facebook to mp3

    Download videos from Facebook, convert FB video to mp3 in seconds. Facebook video downloader is ready to help download FB videos in all formats.

    Convert Youtube video to mp4 & download

    It is really easy to convert Youtube videos to mp3, and it is even easier to extract video from Youtube to mp4 format. It is also very easy to download online videos from 100s of websites using Convert2mp3 online video converter. Simply copy video URL from the native app or internet browser, paste it into the box here at Convert2mp3, hit red button and wait for the download options. Pick one and download. Or 2, or even 3 maybe... Download video from 400+ websites. Some of them allow separate audio download as well, watch out for possible m4a or webm audio patterns. Give Convert2mp3 a try!

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    Install free Convert2mp3 webapp, it's easy to use and it looks exactly like this website. It's best suited to work with MS Edge or Google Chrome browsers, it doesn't really work with Firefox, unless you use the menu and Add to home screen option deeply hidden somewhere.. Apple devices don't like the app either, Chrome or not.. But definitely try the webapp.

    Save browser shortcut

    Download Mp4

    Drag and drop this button to your browser's bookmarks section, then head over to Youtube, open the video you want to download, click the bookmark and be amazed by the awesome technology behind this shortcut. It will send you to Convert2mp3 with video page URL attached, so you will not need to copy-paste video URL. Saves a bunch of time if you use this site often.